Teaching Materials

These materials can help inform classes about the #Love ESOL campaign.
They are 3 consecutive lessons, but activities can be mixed and matched, if time does not permit to do all.  

The #LoveESOL campaign is underpinned by community organising principles and uses community organising techniques. During this lesson students discuss inequality, problems they are affected by in London and community organising concepts as a way to tackle these problems. 

 In this lesson students discuss their experiences of learning English, the role of the Mayor of London in relation to ESOL and previous #LoveESOL events. They also brainstorm ideas for improving ESOL in London and listen to an ESOL student talking about the history of the #LoveESOL campaign.

 In this lesson students watch a video of Menal, an ESOL student, talking about a problem to find an ESOL class in London and asking Sadiq Khan to create a website with ESOL classes in London to resolve this issue. Students also watch a video of the Mayor’s response.