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About #LoveESOL campaign 

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) has been neglected for too long. Funding for ESOL in the UK has been cut by more than 50% in real terms since 2010. The underfunding of ESOL has meant that there are now fewer free ESOL classes available to migrants, not enough classes with childcare and a lack of information about how to access any classes.

Migrants in London are struggling to find and access appropriate ESOL classes. Not being able to improve their English is holding them back from advancing in their careers, supporting their children and participating fully in the life of their city. The lack of English skills also leaves migrants vulnerable to exploitation at work, in the housing market, in healthcare system and in the immigration system.

We are a coalition of ESOL students, teachers and allies from diverse organisations in London that believe in the power of language learning in overcoming barriers and pursuing dreams.

Our vision is for a city where every migrant Londoner can access a good quality local ESOL class. We want to develop the capacity of ESOL teachers, students, volunteers and other stakeholders to have a positive impact on ESOL policy. We are working with City Hall to achieve this.

Who is campaigning 

#LoveESOL is a campaign of a coalition