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Dear MP [MP name],

I am an ESOL teacher. I am writing to you as MP for [constituency] on behalf of students who attend our classes [location of class] in [constituency].

ESOL is frequently in the news with politicians and public figures talking about its importance. However, it is severely underfunded with funding cuts of 60% in real-terms since 2010. ESOL teachers and students, as well as people looking
to access ESOL classes, are still waiting for funding to be restored to meet the demand for these indispensable classes.

ESOL is vital to ensuring everyone in the UK can fully participate in society and lead the life they want to lead, through support to overcome the language barrier. When asked about the importance of ESOL, students often highlight
the following:

It helps create and strengthen community by giving people opportunities to make lasting friendships, which also helps reduce isolation.

It enables people to participate politically on a local and national level, as well as access their rights.

It helps people better support family and friends, as well as children with their schooling.

It enables people to find work and access services independently.

I welcome your views on this matter and ask that you sign up to the following pledge:

“I pledge to ensure all migrants in my constituency can access ESOL classes through championing local and national solutions”

We plan to publish a list of candidates who sign up to the pledge on social media and on this webpage:

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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